Past Events

Past Events

The Saxony Supercar Sunday

Revving Up the Excitement: A Spectacular Saxony Supercar Sunday with Over 200 Exquisite Cars on Display!  An Unforgettable Day of Thrills, Entertainment, and Automotive Majesty

Egg-citing Adventures at Saxony Westwood Mall! Reliving the Joy of Childhood at Our Easter Egg Hunt – A Week of Laughter, Discovery, and Pure Delight!

On Mandela day, The Saxony Group partnered with Tiny Steps and Lotus FM to give back to the community. Our team had the opportunity to make a difference by donating refreshing cold drinks and ice cream to those in need.

We had a funfilled day promoting cancer awareness. This encouraged our shoppers to colour and cut their hair for a good cause.

We partnered with East Coast Radio, where the winner was selected during the live draw as well as exciting giveaways during the broadcast.